About Us

David Michael

Hi! My name is David, and I’m a designer-architect with a degree from the NewSchool of Architecture & Design in San Diego. I’ve been creating architectural designs since 2012, and I’m proud to say that all of them bring joy to their owners. 

My education and practical experience let me create architectural designs that belong to different design schools, but I prefer to look for projects that imply elegant simplicity. I believe that even the tiniest detail of a design, which most people won’t even notice, can dramatically change the entire interior or exterior of a building or… a mobile home! 

Yes, you got it right! My absolute passion is to create designs for manufactured homes. Most of the time, I accept modular home renovation projects as well as the modification of new ones. You know, creating an interior and exterior design for such a house is always a joyful challenge of squeezing in as much comfort, utility, and beauty into limited square footage as possible. Even the shabbiest mobile home can be turned into the coziest place ever! 

I wasn’t dreaming of creating designs for motorhomes when I went to the Architecture & Design School. This passion opened to me all of a sudden. I was looking for my first actual project after graduation and posted ads on several local websites and social media communities in San Diego. 

The first call rang in about a week. The client was looking for a designer architect to create a renovation project for a “small house.” I came to the client’s address and was shocked. I saw a small house, but not an average small American house. It was a shabby 1984 modular home! The client, Jerry, met me laughing because he expected me to be surprised. He appeared to be a unique traveler who moves his entire house from state to state once a year. He offered a great price and allowed me to create a design I would love myself. He was more than satisfied with the result, while I realized that I wanted more such unique projects. I’ve created hundreds of them since then! 


Rachel Michael

Hi there! I’m Rachel. I used to be a designer, and I even have a degree from the same design school as my brother David. That’s not what I do today, though. Four years ago, I found out that my real passion is the real estate business. My knowledge and experience in design let me see the real soul of properties I sell, so now I have a career of my dream and have no plans to give it up. 

The only thing I want is more exciting real estate jobs right now. Thanks to David, now I can sell not only houses, apartments, and condos but also modular houses and mobile homes with unique designs and features! Now I help Michael with this blog as well and provide my expertise in the real estate market and documentation. Of course, I still remember lots of design stuff and don’t refuse to share some creative ideas too!

Now let’s return to 2018. It was extremely hot in San Diego, and I was controlling the renovation of a large 1965 suburban house. I created the design project, hired contractors, and started working. The project was finished and put out for sale in September. That could be the end of the story, but one day the real estate agent called me and asked for a favor to assist her in demonstrating the house for an important client. I was free that day and accepted the invitation even though I didn’t know what the purpose of my being there was. 

When we met the client, I just said “Hello” and followed the agent and the client around the house with my mouth shut. All of a sudden, the agent asked me to tell my opinion about the house from the designer’s point of view. I had nothing to do but to say what I thought. The client was so satisfied with my design story that he signed the contract that evening. I loved the feeling so much that I asked the agent to recommend me to her boss. That’s how I got my job in the real estate business! 

About Us

My dear sister Rachel and I are from a super-creative family of successful designer-architects who managed to create their own real estate development company to implement their vision of architectural design to life at the mass level. 

Their second greatest achievement is to make me and Rachel love design, architecture, and residential real estate as much as they do. We didn’t have any other ideas but to become professional architecture designers too! And that’s what we did after school. 

My love for manufactured homes and Rachel’s rapid success in the real estate business appeared incredibly compatible. She helped me to sell a couple of renovated mobile homes, then helped me with another two, and we came up with an idea to create a blog dedicated to this type of residential house. Eventually, we added up motorhomes to the pile! I love renovating them with my design projects, and Rachel really knows how to sell them by showing clients the real beauty and benefits of such houses. 

On our blog, you will find tons of actionable tips, reasonable design advice, product reviews, fresh ideas, and many more! Here we share years of expertise in design and the real estate market to help you become as informed as possible and get exactly what you want for each buck you spend. 

Stay tuned for exciting stories, share your favorite articles with friends, and feel free to contact us if you have questions that are still unanswered in our stories for some reason. Thank you for reading us!